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New created -  Global Connectivity Research Institute
(GCRI) exploring global connectivity from a current and historical perspective.
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I see the long hand of history, and no matter what we do as individuals, the trends appear to be inescapable. The reason I can say that is that with every interaction on the world stage, we move closer and closer to the point where my """prognostications""" are being fulfilled. Every time an enemy or crisis arises demanding concerted global action, we become even more intertwined and connected at the state level. Everytime I make a new friend in Russia or Iraq or Iran or China, we are doing so regardless of border and we are aiding the coming changes - just as history has always shown.

The rising tension and conflict we see around the world are the result of some tribes trying desperately to hold onto to old ways. They do not realize that history is not on their side.
Of course. That's always been the case. From the Assyrians to the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, the French of the late first millenium, the Chinese, the Indians, the Mayans, etc, all increased their power at the appearance of an external threat, extended trade routes, or war.

The threat of war with England created the union of states known as the Articles of Confederation in the colonies. The real threat of another war and economic collapse caused the Articles to be insufficient for the needs and tasks of the day, so a stronger union was created under the US Constitution.

The end of hostilities at the end of WW1 caused states to want to end war so they created the League of Nations, but it was too weak. Then after WW2, the states said enough is enough so they created a slightly stronger UN. And, today treaties, agreements tie together states as never before. Then came the internet. So now we have individuals connected from the lowest to the highest levels of society throughout personal, business, private and public enterprise.

Every crisis, whether economic, social, political, or military, causes the bonds that connect us to be strengthened beyond those previously established. If you do not want increased global connections, then I suggest that we prevent every single crisis and challenge before it starts - but wait, that's not possible.

So, we're stuck with this new world order, and the only real solution is to be part of the design of the systems that emerge rather than trying to pretend it's some prophetic apocalyptic prognostication being fulfilled.
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